Orlando politicians should be absolutely ashamed of once again having worst wages in U.S

The next time a politician says they’ve done good things for the Orlando job market, you would have grounds to look him or her in the eye and call them a “liar”.

Tough words to start this post. But more accountability from our elected officials is needed after Orlando once again came in last for lowest wages according to the hometown paper (story HERE).

I’m not surprised because much like our affordable housing problem, our elected officials on all levels, from city hall to D.C, both parties, haven’t been fixing the problem, they’ve been pretending to fix the problem.

They’ll pledge $300K for job diversification and cut it up into pieces to make it look like it’s more than it really is.

Meanwhile the CEO of our tourism agency makes more than that. One salary.

It’s absolutely pathetic.

You are being set up for failure.

I say that because your rent is still going up. Even if you’re working overtime on these poor paying jobs, you still can’t afford the cost of living in Orlando.

The game is rigged.

So what should you do?

Well, these elected officials haven’t gotten the job done. It might be time to look for some new representation.

Everyone is to blame here. They are the reason you are struggling.

You also need to demand an immediate change to the way we treat job growth in Orlando. More better paying jobs are needed. Right now.

These politicians will be hoping you don’t notice that you’re being priced out of your community, while working for the very people responsible. You’re digging your own financial grave.

They need to be better. They work for you.


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