Orlando gyms start moving towards the pre pandemic normal

Last March, as businesses start closing their doors because of the COVID 19 pandemic, gyms and fitness centers went down screaming to the very end, as their members, some like myself, physically addicted to their services, were banished to the outdoors to do push ups in fields and run trails in the woods. Stuck exercising like cavemen for an indefinite period of time.

When gyms reopened a couple of months later, we saw strict conditions depending on where you were living. Some gyms insisted on mask wearing at all times, even when you were on the treadmill, which some argued was asking for trouble. Water fountains were shut off, leaving guests dehydrated and drinking from bathroom showers and sinks. It was better than nothing, but still.

Now over the past couple of weeks or so, some major gym chains in Orlando have been getting back to the pre pandemic normal. Masks are optional. The signs are coming down. Social distancing markers are being scraped off of the floor. And guests have gone back to being their previously disgusting selves, not wiping sweat off of equipment and with guys demonstrating their poor aim at the urinals.

As gross as it is, it’s yet another sign of returning to a normal many of us weren’t sure was ever going to arrive. This is a good sign for Orlando, as we approach the Fourth Of July weekend.

There are some lessons we should learn. Our trails in the tri county areas are treasures. I won’t forget how crowded they were when people busted out the bikes last April. We’ve also got some terrific weather down here.

And gyms are a very important part of the lives of Orlando residents. Let’s be grateful they’re almost back to normal.

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