Immediate pay, short hiring pipeline, key to win over fed up Orlando workers

Orlando workers are sick of being mistreated. That’s partially why there is a worker shortage.

In addition to living in the worst place for wages (story HERE) and terrible affordable housing circumstances, they’re being asked to go and lose money, while their elected officials continue to benefit from their suffering.

If you’re an employer in Orlando and want to win over some of us. Here is how you do it.

Offer immediate gig pay: The gig economy is what has carried us through the pandemic and has helped us somewhat bypass the abusive lack of pay by employers in the region. When you live in a place that is as terrible for workers as Orlando, you need to be able to pay your bills today.

Groceries are need today.

Electricity is needed today.

Car repairs are needed today.

Many HR contractors in Orlando have decided to benefit from this demand and rip both parties off. Double charging employers for faster payroll and contracting debit cards for vendors that penalize employees with fees for withdrawing money. That has to end.

Shorten the hiring pipeline to begin work: We’re not going to be entirely negative here. There are some good opportunities being sponsored by municipalities.

But it takes months to get hired. We don’t have that kind of time.

We need employers that can take us from interview to orientation in less than a week. Depending on the day you’re hired, there are some workers that don’t see a check until almost a month after they’ve been hired.

If you can fix those two hurdles, you’ll be on your way to filling your businesses with employees that honestly want to just earn a decent living take care of their families in Central Florida.

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