Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist first fight will likely be over “whose time is it” to be Governor

It could be interpreted that Nikki Fried took the first jab in her gubernatorial primary against Charlie Crist for the opportunity to challenge Ron DeSantis next year.

While interviewing with Kristin Soltis Anderson on her Trendline podcast Fried reportedly said the following…

That brings up a fair question. Whose time is it? Does timing on a political run even matter? Depends who you ask.

Charlie lost his last two statewide races, including a senate run against Marco Rubio that went horribly wrong, and ended his time in the Governor’s mansion about four years early.

Challenging Rick Scott after a fresh start four years later, he lost again.

One could argue that with something as valuable as a gubernatorial general election in a state like Florida, you should only get one bit at the apple. Charlie has had three.

But Nikki did get mighty close to calling Charlie old.

Technically, age would linger into the conversation. Charlie would be 66 when he took office. Nikki would have just turned 45 years old when getting sworn in.

Charlie could flip this and head in the direction we know this all headed, and that’s talking about Nikki’s experience. She’s the only contender out of the three people we’re talking about to not hold the job. She could be fighting a two front war against people spending a lot of money telling voters she hasn’t done anything.

But Nikki gave us some insight this weekend of where our first argument may take place.

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