After California ban, it’s possible DeSantis may eventually “out Trump” Donald Trump at this rate

“This dude is going to end up with more Donald Trump-like street cred than Donald Trump himself”

That’s what I was thinking when California instituted a government employee travel ban against Florida because they’ve designated the state as a promoter of discriminatory policies (story HERE).

And in the process they just gifted Governor Ron DeSantis about a point or two in the polls of the 2024 Republican Presidential primary.

It’s one thing to wage war against the social media powers that be. And another thing to send police to the border to “battle illegal immigration”.

It’s next level for California to ban travel to your state because they think you’re too conservative.

This is also another example of DeSantis taking the spotlight off of Trump (post HERE), a point I brought up a while back that seems to have been picked up by every other outlet.

If he keeps getting this kind of responsiveness from around the country it will only help him moving forward should Donald Trump decide not to run.

And what at first just appeared to be an experiment with his kind of leadership in the state, now appears to be the direction that he wants to take it altogether. And it might not be all about emulating Trump either, there might be a little frustration at play because no one wants to move as fast on certain issues as he does.

But if you look at handling of the pandemic, immigration, business practices, and even media preferences, everything is coming up Trump for Florida’s governor.

And it’s only helping him in front of the voters that could get him a match up with Joe Biden in three years.

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