Altamonte Springs doesn’t need anymore traffic due to unneeded retail space

If the City Of Altamonte Springs owned a Fantasy Football team, they’d have four kickers on their roster. If they owned a garage, they’d have three typewriters and six VCRs sitting around.

This is because leaders in this community just can’t seem to stop supporting things they don’t need. And residents are suffering from all of the traffic problems they’re causing, including that mess on Wymore and 436 (post HERE).

Now, they’re looking at even more commercial space off of 436 (story HERE) and approval of that “mixed use” project would be cause for concern for many of the residents in those areas.

You look at all of the empty lots we already have in Altamonte Springs, you wonder why we’d be in a hurry to build more. And you don’t have to look hard, they’re everywhere stretching from the hospital down to the Wal Mart Center on 434 near 436. There are no lack of options when it comes to setting up shop in the area.

This new project woud create more choke points for traffic if you continue building off of every possible angle of 436. If you’re coming from Apopka and are trying to get to the housing behind Best Buy, it’s already a tough turn that gets you in front of three lanes of oncoming traffic. A legitimately dangerous situation during rush hour.

If you’re visiting Altamonte Springs, it’s not an exaggeration to say that you’ll be facing heavy traffic in both directions, whether you’re heading towards Casselberry or down to Apopka.

All in the name of more retail space that the area does not need.

Altamonte has always been about shopping. But poor planning has ensured that we’re gridlocked in almost every direction we go. It’s time for that trend to end.

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