Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis united at Surfside is necessary to heal hurting community

President Joe Biden will reportedly visit the site of the Surfside building collapse on Thursday. His first visit to the region where there have been 10 deaths and 150 are still missing (story HERE).

It’s important for Surfside and all of Florida, that Biden and Governor Ron DeSantis meet with first responders and grieving families together.

While the political scoreboard never seems to turn off for the most rabid of the hyper partisans, we have to rise above that noise and demonstrate a support system that is united and working for residents of the state.

And the truth is that Biden and DeSantis may have to work together fairly often. We live in Florida. We know that the risk of hurricanes is always out there, and that a response that is unobstructed by political motivations is absolutely necessary to help our neighbors.

The early signs are promising.

Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis have already spoke over the phone and there has been help pouring in from all over the world to help the residents of this terrible disaster.

The internet trolls will call it a photo opp. That’s fine. The truth is that those who are hurting have to see all of their elected officials working together to get them help. Anything else is absolutely devastating to them.

Let’s look forward to the President’s visit during this very tough time. I remember when the President and Vice President visited Orlando after the Pulse Shooting five years ago. It matters.

And let’s hope we can present a united group of leaders to rally behind and push forward past this crisis.

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