“Elsa” will test Orlando against temptation of panic buying gas and water

For the first time in the 2021 Hurricane season, Florida is in the cone of probability for the system that could become “Elsa”.

We’re being told by multiple news sources to not “panic” and that the storm could veer off, but lets face it.

Some of you cats are going out to buy water and gas right now. Some of you may be reading this after you’ve already gone out.

This post doesn’t exist to make you feel guilty, because as Floridians we’ve been trained to prepare for whatever systems may come our way.

That means buying enough drinking water to fill our swimming pools, and pumping enough gas into plastic bags that it will get us to Seattle if need be.

We did it last year during the pandemic when this blogger was able to get enough traffic simply buy pointing out where we could find toilet paper in this town for a couple of weeks.

Let’s be alert and aware but let’s not panic.

This is because some of your neighbors might be depending on that gas you don’t need to get them to work this weekend.

Living through hurricane season is a way of life here in Florida. We’ve done this plenty of times before. And we’re going to do it again.

Let’s listen to our local officials and meteorologists before we invade and conquer our grocery stores.

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