Stephanie Murphy should scorch the earth looking for insurrection answers on special committee

For the second straight time, an Orlando member of congress will have a key role in attempting to uncover answers behind one of Washington’s most historic recent events.

Stephanie Murphy has been appointed to the house committee that will investigate the January 6th attack on the capitol. She follows her congressional neighbor, Val Demings, who was an impeachment manager during the Donald Trump hearings.

Murphy should absolutely deconstruct every aspect of those shameful events and shred anyone who gets in her way, while shining the brightest spotlight possible on those who participated in, or were complicit in the destructive events of that dark day.

While the Orange/Seminole county representative is known for moderate policies and a very careful style of speaking we need something different here.

We need her to break some stuff. A little anger wouldn’t hurt either. She needs to take this personally. Because we took it personally.

I know I was angry watching one of the centerpoints of our democracy come under attack. Those are our elected officials. Who did those people think they were attacking our representatives?

I know her family and friends must have been angry watching it all unfold on TV. Same for the support teams of Demings and Darren Soto, the other member of the Orlando delegation.

This was personal.

And the point is to underline what took place that day. We don’t know what other tools they’ll have to hold people accountable. Probably not a lot. But the point is that this never happens again.

So lets move forward and let’s go after this opportunity determined to find answers and accountability.

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