RIP “Lovecraft Country” you definitely won’t be forgotten easily

This week it was announced that “Lovecraft Country” would not be returning for a second season at HBO, effectively putting an end to one of the wildest, albeit brief, shows on TV.

The show followed Atticus Black as he embarked on a journey to find his father that would take him through every kind of possible trial you could think of from racism to demonic spirits and aliens. Some of the characters, monsters, and concepts we saw here will remain burned in our minds for the immediate future.

It was such a wild blend of horror, sci-fi, and social commentary. And apparently a blend not enough people were ready for. It made “True Blood” look like “Downton Abbey”.

While I recommended the show, it’s easy to see why it could turn off some viewers. Even for HBO, the program pushed us out of our comfort zone and into a universe where we had to not only follow the characters, but also what was going on around them to really appreciate the story. There was a lot going on.

Jonathan Majors, who played “tic”, will certainly be back elsewhere, and the light of the show, Jurnee Smollet, who played “Leti”, will be fine just like she was beforehand.

And we should all be happy that in what was ultimately the series finale, we got some closure, and there were really no loose ends left to tie up. History will likely see it as an unpopular ending, but that shouldn’t effect the legacy of the show.

I know it was a part of pandemic TV watching that will be impossible to forget.

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