Fourth Of July always exploits the bad parking problem in Orlando

Parking in Orlando usually isn’t too bad in areas outside of Downtown and International Drive (where it’s always lousy). But every Fourth Of July, every municipality’s parking situation is pushed to the absolute max, with families and out of town visitors converging on “hot spots” near every social hub of each town in the greater Orlando area for fireworks.

We’ll use downtown because it’s the site of the biggest Fourth Of July celebration in the area. Thousands of people flock to Lake Eola for “Fireworks at the Fountain” every year.

And this is also a revenue source for the parking bosses downtown. Depending on which lot you pick, you’re looking at anywhere between $5 and $20 bucks for a place to leave your ride.

Want to park for free? Lol. That’s cute.

Wear some comfortable shoes.

There is the courthouse. The Colonial drive area. Perhaps some space near the Amway Center. All of them are a bit of a hike. And when you bookend the walking to and from your car, you’ll definitely get your steps in.

Another big celebration in the area, “Red, Hot, And Boom” in Altamonte Springs, was cancelled this year, but the situation there is even worse. With all of the slamming and cramming of development there, some visitors have to park a long distance away and cross a dangerous 436 to get to the site of the action.

We don’t pay enough attention to parking. And when we do, it only seems like we’re doing it to take money from our citizens. That’s not right. And we haven’t even touched on our theme parks, who blast Florida residents with their own parking fees which are some of the highest anywhere.

And every year on the Fourth Of July, it’s a nasty reminder that makes it a little harder to enjoy the fireworks.

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