“Better safe than sorry” approach by Orlando is best and most vigilant move for “Elsa”

At the moment I’m publishing this, it’s believed that Tropical Storm Elsa is going to have a “minimal effect” on the greater Orlando area (story HERE).

Thank goodness. I don’t think anyone here is ready for the direct hit of a hurricane. Not with the way this community is struggling right now.

But good for Orange and Seminole counties as local officials are still holding briefings, getting their operation centers up, and offering sandbags for residents.

The things you’re supposed to do before a severe weather event.

Because the truth is that fate seems to find a way. And if we’re not preparing for these things, then it usually doesn’t end well.

It does work both ways. We’ve talked about that before. We shouldn’t be out panic-buying gas and water (story HERE). Best believe there were some already out there filling up plastic bags with fuel when this thing started floating our way last.

But the balance must be always there.

This is important because if there is one thing our local leaders need to get good at, it’s hurricane relief. If we do happen to get by Elsa unscathed, then they should be treating this as a pre season game for when things get more exciting.

And you and I both know that’s usually in September.

Let’s remain vigilant and see what happens here in the next 48 hours. This isn’t our first barbecue and it won’t be our last.

One of our tradeoffs for living in beautiful Orlando, along with unaffordable housing, and low pay, is the threat of hurricanes.

Let’s be grateful that we’re on top of readiness whenever we must be.


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