Coachless Orlando Magic making a bad impression on potential draft picks

The Orlando Magic have been without a head coach for over a month. And they’re not making any noise regarding their search, making us wonder if anyone even wants the job (story HERE).

And what’s even more alarming is that the Magic have two picks in the upcoming draft later this month. And they’ve still got to prep for it. That means they still have to talk to players about a potential future with the team.

If I’m a young potential star, what do I have to say to a team with no head coach? How do I know if I’ll even like who they hire? What will the scheme even look like? And can I thrive in it?

The Orlando Magic is failing this process. And they’re sending a message to coaching prospects that they’re not a necessary part of the process here.

There are some things that would help. Transparency for one.

We don’t have a clue why this team is being so tight lipped about their coaching search. They haven’t earned the credibility to be secretive. They owe this to a fan base that has made blind investments in this team’s leadership before and has gotten two quick playoff exits, and a fire sale in return.

If you’re an angry Magic fan, you’re not alone. I’m with you. A lot of people are with you.

We need to demand accountability from a franchise that believes they don’t owe us any answers. And apparently they believe they can just draft two young players and gamble with their careers with no head coach.

They’ll keep building on this failing player cycle. Get drafted. Get hurt. Get frustrated. Get traded.

It’s become the Orlando Magic way.

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