Orlando residents won’t own Orlando anymore if out of town home buying trend continues

It’s a really scary concept when you think about. Residents here in Orlando might not even own our own neighborhoods anymore.

This is according to a report from the hometown paper saying that mega property management companies are buying large amounts of single family homes in the greater Orlando area (story HERE).

This means we’re going to get stuck over paying these outrageous rent prices that have made us the worst community in the nation for affordable housing. And this while we’re also the worst area in the nation when it comes to low wages.

How did we even get here? Who let these guys in the door?

And more importantly, what are we going to do about it?

We need our elected officials to get involved. And we need legislation sponsored to prevent this kind of mess. It’s unlikely that this will happen because a lot of those property management companies happen to write campaign checks.

This means we’re stuck. We’re going to be paying these high rent prices forever. And the likelihood of actually owning a single family home in Orlando will get further and further out of reach for our kids.

There will be housing though. I’m talking about slam n’ cram, high density apartments. Very similar to the kinds we’re seeing sprout up all over Orlando instead of the quality housing we should be going for. We’re going to be living in “the stacks”.

I’m worried about our future here Central Florida when it comes to housing. Because we’re engaging an enemy that isn’t even here.

And they’re ripping us off for all we got.

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