Dear Jamahl Mosley, if you come here make sure Orlando Magic front office lets you coach your way

Dear Jamahl Mosley,

By the looks of things, it appears that you are the front runner to be the next coach of the Orlando Magic. This could be wrong. They were wrong about Penny Hardaway.

But if you happen to be the front runner, and you’re leaning towards taking the job, congratulations. Orlando is one of the best communities in the country for those who happen to be doing well (we have some housing and wage problems, otherwise).

I would advise you. Seriously advise you.

Make sure the team allows you to coach your way.

This is because, they have given us reason to believe otherwise. Our last coach left because he was tired of losing, and they just blew up our team (post HERE). We are definitely in the rebuild and we don’t even have an architect.

Your hire would inspire some hope here. The Dallas Mavericks are one of the most exciting teams in basketball. I would love to see that kind of game come to downtown Orlando. We’ve kind of just been going through the motions during our last season and we lost a lot.

This is because we are a directionless team anchored by a culture of losing. Hopefully, you can change that.

But I’ll offer you this advice. If they’re not going to let you coach your way. Run. Run fast and far away. You’re being set up for failure.

If you happen to take this job in Orlando, then we look forward to seeing what you can do. We’ve got some great fans.


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