Bored Seminole parents should move on past school mask and superintendent controversies

It would be easy to think that there aren’t enough important things to do involving quality of life in Seminole County, based on the behavior of a group of fanatical parents.

I’m talking about the group of folks that we’ve seen on television yelling at the school board because they don’t want to wear masks in the middle of a pandemic, and they don’t like they’re new superintendent who was voted in by their publicly elected school board members (story HERE).

They’re not making a difference. The mask mandate was coming down eventually. And the superintendent isn’t going anywhere.

So, they just shout at everybody. To use a popular phrase here, they’re the toddlers with the toy steering wheel in the backseat that think they’re actually driving the car.

They’re not getting anything done.

And here is the big thing. Seminole County Schools have been great for decades before they even moved here.

Since as far as I can remember and that’s the 80s.

This is done by proper hiring of good teachers. And by electing a board of qualified individuals to serve and pass quality policy. School board politics is a big deal here.

If these screaming people want to implement their brand of change. They should run for office.

But they won’t because that’s too hard. It’s far easier to show up at a meeting, scream at those that are brave enough to serve, and then go eat a tuna melt at Perkins.

There are parents who are civil about bringing about change. They know it’s done at the ballot box. Not by looking like an idiot on TV.

We need more of them.

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