Connor McGregor is about MMA box office and drama, but he’s not about winning anymore

“Your wife is in me DMs.”

And so it goes, the most memorable takeaway from one of the biggest mixed martial arts fights of the year, Connor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 3, which brought out the stars (that Jared Leto outfit), the controversy (Addison Rae hosting), and eventually some memorable moments on the undercard, involving a mid fight back flip, and a cut so big on Jessica Eye’s forhead, they were calling it the “third eye”.

But the reason that brought us all out, Connor McGregor, one of the most iconic rabble-rousers off all time, ended the night shouting from the corner of the octagon after a brutal ankle injury.

While you can’t blame McGregor for the gruesome fall, it has been a while since we’ve seen him win. A small, informal and non-scientific poll by this website had 80% of fans saying they were just watching to see the circus.

But let’s say McGregor, in the back of his mind, late at night when the demons come, is only in it for the money. Can we blame him?

In this industry where social media stars are making big bucks by playing “patty cake” with older fighters, there is apparently nothing wrong with stepping into the ring or octagon to make a few bucks.

McGregor has made more than a few. And more than enough to get for the UFC to ensure we get many more fights with the fire-spitting Irishman.

But we won’t expect fighting greatness from him anymore. Frankly, because we’ve all forgotten what it is supposed to look like.

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