Stephen A. Smith flub regarding Shohei Otahni puts ESPN in an impossible bind

Update. Smith has issued an apology that can be read below.

On Monday, ESPN star analyst, Stephen A. Smith, committed the biggest error of his wildly successful career with his characterization of Los Angeles Angels star Shohei Otahni.

He would later go on to clarify his remarks but that was after he was trending #1 in the nation, and he still does not apologize in those second remarks on the next video.

And then he would issue a final tweet..

Now, if this were any other sports broadcasting star, the solution will be easy. A mandated apology and a suspension. If there were nothing invested in the talent, a termination might be possible.

But Stephen A. Smith is such a large part of ESPN. He is..

The star of First Take.
The star of Stephen A’s world.
And their most popular NBA analyst.

To use his own words. “He’s box office”.

ESPN might have to ride this one out. Simply because they haven’t built up enough other attractions.

First Take suffers without him, and poor Max Kellerman has to carry other personalities.

You can’t have Stephen A’s World without Stephen A.

And you can’t abandon some of the ABC networks highest ratings with the NBA Finals this early. The network still hasn’t fully recovered from “The Jump” host, Rachel Nichols which many found offensive. She ultimately issued an on air apology.

What do you think about Stephen A’s remark? And if you thought they were wrong, what should ESPN do with him.

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