Frustration over lack of U.S action in Cuba is becoming a challenge for Orlando leaders

Tonight, supporters of the Cuban protests regarding the poor handling of the COVID 19 pandemic, took to Semoran Boulevard to demonstrate their solidarity with their brothers and sisters on the island, as they try to break free from a negligent regime after decades of oppression (story HERE).

For the United States, potential solutions are complicated. You could ask ten elected officials and get ten different responses back. Supporters are calling for intervention, but not everyone even agrees on what that means.

So, until then, Orlando leaders and local law enforcement will have to try to keep the peace here as frustration rises.

Let’s be clear. These protests were mostly peaceful with only one person arrested today.

But you still can’t block Semoran boulevard during rush hour. Real organizers know this.

This is different though. This is an organic movement from people that are being kept in the dark. It’s a very scary thing when you have loved ones overseas and there are no eyeballs to see what is actually happening. I felt this last year during the earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

While Washington weighs it options. We’re left having to keep the peace.

What Orlando leaders can do is contribute to the actual effort through channels that will keep things safe and peaceful. They can accommodate supporters in safe common areas out of harms ways. Lake Eola. Parks near the Hispanic communities on the east side. Those are all options here. They do it all of the time with protests downtown.

And remember. These are people whose family is potentially suffering and trapped in a situation where quality of life right now is very poor.

Let’s be patient. And let’s hope for the best.

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