Movie Review: In “Pig” Nicholas Cage reminds us he can still bring it with the best of them

We often forget that Nicholas Cage is an Academy Award winner. And that he’s been to the mountain top and spent a few years there, before hitting the straight to video stuff a little too hard and getting to where he’s at today.

Which is good that we get a film like “Pig” where he takes us back to his trophy winning days.

Here Cage plays Robin Feld, a recluse who hunts and mines truffles in the Oregon wilderness as he hides from a mysterious past. When his cabin is invaded and his truffle pig kidnapped, he sets off to Portland to get her back. This is where we learn more about Rob and who actually took his only partner in life.

And on the strength of that ridiculous premise, we get a fine film.

Cage does so well here with one of his lower toned performances. We care about him. We care about the pig. We care about everything. Director Michael Sarnoski turns Portland into a brilliant backdrop for this story that seems to drop in and out of several genres. From a mystery, to a heavy drama, it never misses a beat here.

The only potential flaw is that you may actually see this film for it’s most basic parts. A man trying to find his pig. And that would be an understandable yet tragic interpretation. And they actually answer the question a few times during the movie.

I really enjoyed this film, and it’s a brisk 92 minute run time that will authenticate that old Nick Cage is still one of the best actors working when he wants to be.


Grade: A-

Rated: R

Running Time: 1 hour 32 minutes

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