Even if it’s only symbolic, Orlando leaders should roll back pro mask policies to stop COVID spike

As vaccine hesitancy, complacency, and an overall case of people being just straight lazy, COVID numbers are once again spiking in the greater Orlando area.

We are going in the wrong direction.

While local leaders are ramping up the number of vaccination sites, it’s unlikely that it’s going to make a direction in the trajectory we’re going.

This is why our elected officials need threaten to put us all in “time out” again. Even if they really can’t.

I’m talking about local governments re implementing all of the pandemic restrictions they can until things get back under control.

Now, they could do it. But it would all be symbolic.

This is because the state has dropped all of the pandemic era restrictions and cancelled out any of the fines levied against outlaw businesses when those restrictions were in place.

But Orlando leaders should do it anyways. Put the signs back up. Bring back the temperature checks.

Encourage local businesses to re implement their polices as well, even though they likely won’t.

The purpose is to underline the fact that the infection numbers are going back up. Let’s be honest, most of the leaders in the tri county area probably thought they were going too fast to unmask anyways. I looked back at my old posts, I thought it would be August before we were maskless.

And maybe it should have been. But that’s too late now.

Let’s continue to watch the numbers. But the truth is that our leaders are trying to tell the community to get vaccinated and it’s not working.

People are getting sick.

And they should take these mostly symbolic steps to get that point through.

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