Study: Orlando without a car (Entry 1) Introduction

Boo for car trouble! After several years of hopping campaign events and a few trips around the country, I said good bye to my 20 year old Ford Escape. I was actually sad to see it go.

But like so many other Orlando residents, in the land of unaffordable housing and low wages, I can’t afford to replace my ride.

So, I’m stuck. In the greater Orlando area without a car.

At least it will make for good blogging.

I’ll be documenting my experiences and sharing them with you.

Some ground rules. I’ll be going with the flow of demand and the least expensive way to get there. Most of the time it will be a combination of several things.

This includes public transportation like bus, rail, scooters and rideshare. I’ll also be walking and biking.

Most of it will take place between Orange and Seminole counties. On a rare occasion I’ll get over to Osceola but not too often.

My goal is to raise awareness of the need for a better quality of life for residents that are struggling to make ends meet in Orlando.

There will also be a fitness component. I’ll be seeing if I lose any weight or if not owning a car can increase conditioning. Prop bet: If lose 40 pounds I can reenlist in the military. That would be terrific!

Finally, I wish I didn’t have to do this. It would be great if quality of life were good enough in Orlando to give everyone a fair chance to thrive. But that’s not the case.

I’m positive it will be tough. But here we go!

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