Orlando without a car (entry 3): A much smaller Orlando

Orlando without a car is a Orlando Opinion series highlighting the ultra car dependent culture of Central Florida, and how a lack of action after decades is contributing to a poor quality of life for residents.

In only my second day without a car in Orlando, I’m frustrated.

You see, in other communities, it’s completely possible to drive for 30 minutes and not really go anywhere because of traffic and vertical living.

But in Orlando, you can zip across the tri-county area fairly easily if the major roads are cooperating and that’s a good thing because there are not a lot of recurring services in Central Florida. What might be available in Orlando might not be available in Kissimmee and Sanford. Especially when it comes to work. Tourism heavy Kissimmee is not construction obsessed Lake Mary.

When you don’t have a car in Orlando, your world shrinks.

You can only go where your feet take you. LYNX buses and Sunrail trains are worthless if you don’t have all day.

I’m finding this is effecting every aspect of my life. Work (there is none that can effectively pay the bills). Shopping (food deserts, and more on that later). And even visiting friends and family (they might as well live in Tampa with the time needed to see them).

It’s pretty depressing. The rest of today will be trying to find work to make up for the deficit of losing my vehicle.

I can only imagine how tough this is for families. And for children. It’s got to be absolutely defeating.

Anyways, there is no choice. You have to make it work. That is life in the greater Orlando area.

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