Orlando without a car (entry 4): Humiliation through perspiration

Orlando without a car is a Orlando Opinion series highlighting the ultra car dependent culture of Central Florida, and how a lack of action after decades is contributing to a poor quality of life for residents.

Today was tough. And this experiment is every bit as difficult as I thought it would be.

This afternoon, I was walking down the sidewalk off of a busy Orlando road with the heat index flirting with 100 degrees. Even though I was hydrated, I was tired and feeling terrible. My shirt was completely drenched in sweat and so was my hat.

And then I happen to cross an area that had just been mowed and a swarm of gnats start sticking to my clothes and dying. They looked like little poppy seeds on my shirt and face.

Once again public transportation was useless. I had to walk all day again.

And in each of my three errands, one of them a job interview, I was embarrassed. My interviewer may have felt a little bad for me.

I looked completely pitiful. I’m pretty sure the two stores I walked into thought I was homeless.

On my way back, I was more than convinced.

Orlando is an anti-hard worker town. It has to be. This makes no sense.

Why do this to your residents? Rip them off on rent. Pay them the worst wages in the nation. And make owning a car in the community necessary for an acceptable quality of life, and then try to get those same suffering people to pick up the tab if they want improvements to a public transportation system that should have been better years ago.

I miss my car. Tomorrow, I’ll start packing multiple shirts.

This was a lousy day.

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