Orlando without a car (entry 9): It’s even harder to get vaccinated

Orlando without a car is a Orlando Opinion series highlighting the ultra car dependent culture of Central Florida, and how a lack of action after decades is contributing to a poor quality of life for residents.

If you have a car in Orlando, getting the COVID 19 vaccine is ridiculously easy. Especially, these days with such low demand. With both of my experiences I was out the door in about 25 minutes, and 15 of those were due to the waiting period after getting the shot.

If you don’t have a car in Orlando, then things can get much more complicated.

Now, there are bus lines that roll past some vaccine locations but that cost time and money. Especially time, depending on where you live. And because many of the people on public transportation are already struggling with low wages and no affordable housing, losing what very little personal time you have to go and chase a shot that could potentially lead to sluggishness is something you can’t afford (more on that HERE).

It all rolls back around to the poor quality of life we’re allowing some of our Orlando residents to live. What kind of job are we doing as leaders if these people can’t even afford to take half a day off to go and get a vaccine?

All of this in addition to the challenges we’re having with vaccine hesitancy.

While many of them are aware of the myths, they simply can’t take the chance of missing the bills. I know this anxiety quite well right now.

It’s one of the saddest aspect of my experience with this so far.

Some notes:

Yes. I’m getting darker. I spend hours walking in this scorching heat. As a bald guy, it’s dangerous.

I never realized how scary the weekends are when you’re searching for work. They’re throw away days. And you find yourself actually waiting for Mondays to arrive just so you can get an offer.

I’ll be capping this study at 12 parts. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen everything I need to see. It’s bad, but it’s not all bad. There is a very complicated solution that is still very imperfect waiting at the end of this thing.

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