Here are all of the things I did wrong that landed me here

When you’re in my place, you spend a lot of time thinking about the mistakes you made that landed you here. Me, I believe that if you truly want to make some progress and learn, you have to take some personal accountability. And I don’t want anyone else to experience this. If one person reads this and shores up something on there end that could keep them from where I am, then it’s worth it.

So, here we go.

A better paying trade
: It’s ironic, a lot of people don’t know what my actual trade is. What I did that actually earned me money. Before politics, I was trained in records management and did it for a long time. I learned it in the army. Sadly, it’s not a well paying profession, especially in today’s Orlando economy. I should have retrained years ago. I hope that if there is anyone reading this that is in a dated profession that they retrain immediately. Learn how to code has become a cliche, but it’s still strong advice.

No transportation
: If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that my car broke down just about two weeks ago. If you’ve got some wheels, you can hustle to a pretty decent living. Whether it’s through a traditional commute or it’s simply using the gig economy. If you don’t, and you live in a community with poor public transportation and housing, then you’re exposed and need to act immediately.

No support system:

My family is essentially two people (and one of them isn’t even in the country).

I have some great friends. But they’re successful and they’ve got kids, and careers, and mortgages. I’d rather wake up in the park every morning then drag someone into this quicksand with me.

I’ve been a loner almost all of my life, but eventually everyone needs help.

And if you manage to grind it out like myself, then you’re still going to be alone during the tough times. You’re going to pick up your phone and need to speak someone and there isn’t going to be anyone.

Over the past month, I’ve been running it all back in my mind. And there are other things I could have done differently. But this is where all of the big challenges got their footing.

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