The two front battle of mental illness and homelessness

When my challenges began, I was worried that my mind would be defeated before anything else. And that is still a struggle for me whenever I suffer a setback in my fight to find stable housing.

And I’m surrounded by reminders. Men and women that have fallen into this pit of depression and anxiety, and have lost track of who they are. My heart hurts for these people because they weren’t always like this. There used to be hope. The must have been.

Fighting your way out of poverty is like farming in a desert, but for these individuals they have so much of a tougher path ahead of them.

They do find help from social workers and mental health professionals but not enough. And even with assistance, there is still going to be a time when they’ve got to struggle through it alone.

The fight against homelessness also takes place in the mind. If you lose your confidence or your strength, then it all gets so much worse. If you don’t believe in yourself then you’ll never believe there is a way out.

All you have is time where I’m at. I think about my previous experiences back at home. I was always kind to the homeless population and if they were veterans I tried to help them even more. But this grind will eventually wear on you.

I’m sitting here trying to find a solution but it’s so difficult.

We could all start with kindness and encouragement. So much of this is not giving up. Those are two things I could tell you first hand that I’m sure work well.

A little understanding and kindness is something we could all use more of anyways.

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