We must integrate job training into homeless veterans programs

Far and away, the biggest mistake I made when I lost everything was not being trained in a well paying trade (story HERE). While the army trained me in records management, the practice has become mostly electronic, leaving me out in the cold when I’m looking for work.

And there are many combat arms soldiers that have less marketable skills. There is law enforcement, but the hiring pipeline takes months. There is security work. But most of those jobs are underpaying.

So, veterans are left in shelters, either accepting low paying jobs in food service, temp labor, or simply giving up and waiting for a rescue that may not come.

When I was in the shelter, I wish there was a bus that would have taken me to a vocational center where I could have gotten certified for something and the money would have been deducted from my GI bill (the fund soldiers pay into for college tuition).

That would have been remarkable.

We have a shortage of workers. Well, there is a pool of workers that would love to jump into a field that could get them another chance.

And soldiers are great at learning new skills. We had to do it all of the time when we were in.

And these new skills, many which pay strong wages, could almost certainly get us on our feet in weeks. Not months like the lower paying alternatives.

We just need the right initiative taken. We have the resources. This can happen, we just have to want it enough to allow it to happen.

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