Education is key to prepare youth for Orlando’s harsh financial realities

We’ve said it here a hundred times. Orlando will crush families who don’t evolve to the skyrocketing rent prices (story HERE) and low paying jobs (story HERE).

If you’re familiar with my story, you know it’s crushed me.

One of the biggest mistakes was not retraining into a higher paying job when I got out of the Army. I’m still suffering from that mistake.

Now, as I scramble to try to find redemption in the hometown I’ve been apart of for almost my entire life, there is a topic of conversation that gets me shouting because it’s the key to actually surviving this unfriendly economy.

Education. Particularly S.T.E.M

It’s like I”m watching a horror movie of Orlando’s future and I want to shout at the screen and urge everyone to get trained in a high paying occupation as quickly as possible. This is because it can save their life.

And it’s Orlando’s teachers that are going to be able to steer them in that direction.

We have to do better. Right now, as I read this, education in the tri-county area is shorthanded in so many ways. When I meet a young person that is going into teaching, I want to shake their hand and let them know they can really make a big positive difference.

An education can arm our young people to raise their game to any level needed. It can also force Orlando to diversify it’s economy beyond the low paying stuff we have now.

Take it from me. Someone who’s already made all the mistakes. An education in a future-ready occupation can heal this community one young person at a time.

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