Families relocating to Orlando should be wary of lower pay and rising cost of living

During the last few months before my own housing struggles, I actually did some residential moving. Ironic right? Helping others move into their own homes before losing my own.

Many families were obviously taken by the concept of moving away from the harsh northern and mid-western winters for warmer temperatures and less taxes. They were excited at the possibility of trading away grey overcast urban afternoons for weekends at a sunny beach.

Throw in a housing mortgage that is the same they’re paying for rent right now, and it’s a done deal.

But many of these families will walk into an Orlando economic climate that possibly places them into an automatic upside down situation. This means the same high paying positions might not be available down here for the same wage. The same goes for their partners.

Better paying manufacturing positions don’t exist down here. Tech is less prevalent. We do low paying tourism jobs down here.

And other cost of living expenses have begun to catch up to our friends from up north. Utilities. Day care. Internet. Groceries might actually be a little pricier down here now. It adds up.

Then there is a transition to a vehicle dependent living. Public transportation won’t save you down here in a lot of situations. Gas isn’t cheap. And neither is purchasing a new vehicle these days.

And everything is only going to get more expensive.

This post isn’t going to be entirely about dumping on our high cost of living. We do have a clear edge in one area.

Schools. I’ll put our public education up against anyone else’s. This is a good place to raise a family.

If you can afford it. And if you’re sure you can afford it.

But be wary of the economic quicksand that exists here in Orlando. If you’re not prepared you will find your fortunes turn very quickly down here.

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