Here is why there is no relief in sight for affordable housing in Orlando

As someone who’s recently battled and lost the challenge of finding an affordable home in Orlando, this post was certainly not an easy one to write. But, for others who may be going through similar struggles, it’s important information to know.

The affordable housing situation in Orlando, still among the worst in the nation (story HERE) has no visible sight in view as I write this post.

Here’s why:

We’re currently on the wrong side of the cycle (or curve): Rent is rising. Not falling. In some places as high as being overpriced almost 19%. In order to find some relief, we need a market correction. Some predict it will happen this fall but not at this rate.

The return of the COVID outbreak in Florida: One of the few priorities above solving homelessness is the preservation of life to begin with. This means our attention is elsewhere and with the eviction restrictions being lifted, we will see more families on the street while battling this disease. Our resources are badly divided right now.

We set goals. We don’t set requirements: The affordable housing conversation has been going on for years now. And the drill is the same. We set up tasks forces. They talk. We set goals. Nothing happens. We need requirements that will demonstrate that we’re serious about solving this problem to begin with.

Out of town interests that don’t care about Orlando buying inventory: There are investors that see Orlando as a number on a ledger. They don’t see struggling families in cars and hotels. And they don’t see the pain these predatory buying decisions are causing. Until this trend changes, we’re going to continue to be subject to these parasitic practices by investors who aren’t even looking at what they’re buying.

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