Orlando business must take a “Total Family” approach to caring for the workforce

Right now, Orlando businesses are in a stalemate with much of their labor force, as workers are reluctant to return to lower paying jobs that can’t pay the rent in one of the worst communities for affordable housing in the nation (story HERE). Families are instead cobbling opportunities from the gig economy and finding any “band aids” available they can to make these extraordinary costs of living achievable.

Employers have tried signing bonuses that range anywhere between $100-$500 that amount to little when you factor in the conditions needed be eligible for them, and the numbers that still make little difference in the long run of holding an underpaying job.

If Orlando business is serious about bringing back workers they must ask “Can I take care of my family with this job?”, either as a single parent or part of a married couple.

The military has strong retention numbers because they can take care of families. They do this by addressing all of their needs. Groceries, education, child care, and housing.

Now that is a big ask for some private employers, but they have the resources to make part of that puzzle agreeable. This could be with partnerships with landlords, grocery stores, and day care groups. Every bit of savings can help.

Big employers like Orlando tourism giants can absolutely make that happen. Many of their employment numbers resemble a military installation and in some cases are bigger.

If you don’t want to pay the wage, or allow the rent needed to live in the community where your business is, then don’t expect them to come to work.

They simply can’t afford to work for you.

Because at the end of the day, they’re making a business decision too. And one that also effects their families.

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