Five legitimately great things about Orlando that are driving up rent and housing prices

Believe the hype. Because it’s absolutely true. Orlando, and really all of Central Florida, is one of the best places to raise a family in all of the United States.

If you can afford to live here.

Right now, we’re going through a terrible affordable housing crisis. One that has affected me personally. We have companies buying houses in cash that they’re not looking at, and rent being overpriced as high as 20% on top of what were already unsustainable costs (story HERE). Our community is very much hurting.

But most of the selling points are real. Here are just a few.

It’s a beautiful community: We take it for granted because we see it everyday. But take a second and look at it with new eyes. Orlando is gorgeous. Lake Mary. Winter Park. Downtown. And most visitors don’t even get to those parts. Many other communities in the midwest or northeast are industrial and built to fuel a different kind of economy. They might have a district, or stretch of road that is pretty. We have an entire town.

Great public schools: We throw school politics in the tri-county area right next to our federal, state, and municipal discussions. It’s a professional sport here, with boards occupied by accomplished professionals, some who used to hold higher office, or eventually go on to run for it. Our teachers are first class people who really do care and are still underpaid.

Health care: You can’t drive down the block without hitting an urgent care clinic. Advent Health and Orlando Health are giants that lead the way in some areas on a regular basis. Once you get passed the bureaucracy, the Lake Nona VA clinic is a palace filled with hardworking staff, doctors, and nurses.

Weather*: There is an asterisk next to this one because we’re on hurricane watch over half of the year, and the heat is deadly. But to northerners that have had to shovel snow most of their lives, its a paradise.

Family Recreation: We live at Disney World. We live at Hogwarts. We’re down street from the Daytona 500. Some of the most beautiful beaches are on the west coast, and criminally underrated trails and parks are everywhere.

These are all great aspects of living in Orlando.

But in the process of living in this paradise and building these achievements we’ve forgotten about some of the families that make it all possible and that has to change.

Because when we let them down, we lose a part of ourselves that makes these great things worth enjoying to begin with.

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