We have to talk about the strain the Florida National Guard is experiencing right now

The Florida National Guard is some of the best our home has to offer. Not only do they serve their neighbors but they go everywhere. Long gone are the ways of the “weekend warrior”.

They deploy all over the world. Including to aid the recent war on terror.

They leave their families behind to help communities hit by natural disasters such as hurricanes.

They’re sent on missions to keep peace in areas of civil unrest.

The Florida National Guard does everything. We depend on them all of the time.

And the worst part is that they’re dangerously understaffed. We are working these brave men and women too hard and too often.

This was recently brought to light by a state senate committee briefing (watch it HERE) and a recent op-ed by State Representative Dan Daley (story HERE). Roughly one guardsmen for 1,833 citizens. That’s bad. Really bad.

The good news is that we’re aware. Our state lawmakers are aware. But unfortunately, it doesn’t lie with us Floridians. It lies at the federal level with the U.S National Guard Bureau. They handle the structure allocation and currently, Florida has the same allocation as states that haven’t deployed their national guard in years.

That must change.

We need to talk to those at the federal level and call for a change. The legislation has to change in Washington to allow us to get the resources we need to support our national guard soldiers here in Florida.

This is the time to act. Our state lawmakers are working to send up the signal but we have to keep working to ensure our troops aren’t pushed any further and that our voice is heard at the highest levels of our government.

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