Transitioning Florida veterans could be crucial in filling nursing shortage

As you may have heard, there is an urgent need for nurses in the state of Florida. Hospitals and clinics have seen their existing nursing staffs pushed beyond their limits, working an unhealthy workload in the midst of a pandemic, in a state that is rapidly growing everyday.

There have been questions during committee meetings in Tallahassee over the past few weeks in the state legislature over how these needs could be met.

The answer could be veterans transitioning back into the civilian world after successfully completing their term of service.

And I say this because there might not be a more significant occupation out there right now.

Most of all, it’s meaningful. And that’s what we need.

We’ve read in length that one of the problems with vets leaving the military is leaving behind work that truly makes a difference (story HERE).

What could be more important than playing a key role in saving a life?

The best part is that the training track is there. And it’s eligible for compensation from the GI Bill.

Our challenges are the same as implementing other ideas. Catching transitioning vets and letting them know they exist. And reducing the amount of red tape necessary to get them in the classroom and off to work.

Some of the wheels are already in motion. We have committees at the federal levels that are working to implement this kind of transition in the months leading up to actual separation. That would be huge.

Our veterans need to feel fulfillment after their military service. And keeping their neighbors healthy while filling a crucial shortage could be the perfect fit.

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