City of Orlando Affordable Housing recommendations still bow to developers at fault for crisis

The City of Orlando has published the recommendations of their Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (you can download and read those HERE).

And those recommendations don’t get anywhere close enough to fixing the affordable housing crisis in Orlando. In fact, there is very little here that we haven’t heard before in past years that will help us.

These new recommendations lean on incentives. That doesn’t work. We need requirements. Developers have created this problem that has left families on our streets and they need to help us fix it.

We keep trying to bend on the price. To keep trying to make it affordable enough for the developer to build here. That’s wrong we need people first solutions. Not developer first excuses.

The answer is ordinances that enforce minimal affordable housing standards. If you’re building in Orlando, then a percentage of your units need to be affordable units. And the timelines for completion of both need to be identical.

There shouldn’t be any compromise.

The problem here is that developers and real estate professionals in Orlando are donating to political campaigns in record numbers.

Struggling families in Orlando are not. So, they’re the ones that end up on the streets. It really is that simple.

What you end up with is theater. Task forces and committees that meet but don’t really bring anything forward that can make a difference.

As you read this post there are families getting kicked out in the street. In Osceola County, where many families live in hotels, they’ll soon be out on the street thanks to cruel new ordinances passed there.

We need committees that are serious about solving this problem. Until then, nothing will get done.

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