We need VA VETSmile program to expand into Florida ASAP

One of the biggest problems faced by veterans all over the country is access to dental care. Only 8% of vets qualify for dental care under the VA. The process almost recoils when a vet requests help for their teeth because they’re in pain and can’t afford a $1,500 root canal.

It’s a shame. And there is very little movement on the issue.

But there are some developments. I’m talking about a VA VETSmile pilot program that has kicked off in the northeast (you can read about it HERE).

The description of the program goes..

“VETSmile is a Veteran-centered effort that broadens dental care access for VA-enrolled Veterans through collaborations with compassionate dental care sites that provide high quality services for our nation’s heroes.

The program is designed to provide a first touchpoint for Veterans that do not have a regular dentist and for those who may need help paying for dental care.”

Really, this has been overdue for a very, very longtime. Especially here in Florida, where it’s difficult to get regular care at times. Here in Orlando, some veterans can’t even find the transportation to get to their medical appointments.

Dental care for Florida Veterans would be a game-changer that would immediately increase the quality of life for vets in the state. We keep trying to tout ourselves as the “best state for veterans”.

Let’s start proving it. Because right now it’s not true.

I’m not optimistic after all I blog about this every year (2019 HERE 2020 HERE).

But we’re seeing movement. And movement is hope. Let’s hope we finally make some progress on dental care for veterans in Florida.

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