City of Seminole Council turns back on veterans with anti-housing vote

On Tuesday, December 7th, while the rest of the United States was remembering Pearl Harbor and honoring veterans for their sacrifices, the City of Seminole (the city in Pinellas, not the Orlando area county), here in Florida was making it tougher for veterans to find a home.

The Seminole City Council voted against, Valor Preserve, a 68 unit housing project for the disabled and veterans in the area (story HERE).

This anti-veteran council believed public comment from greedy residents that there would be drugs and crime brought in by the small project.

It’s this kind of behavior that has lead to spikes in veterans suicides in the state where we remain among the leaders. Now the city of Seminole doesn’t want to give us a place to live either.

This is the worst kind of betrayal possible by elected leaders. They don’t want to help veterans in the city of Seminole.

And it should concern all elected officials from the area. Local, state, and federal, because this city council has just made being a veteran in that part of Florida tougher.

While we’ve got members of congress and members of the Florida legislature working hard to pass bills that take care of our bravest men and women, we’ve got this city council undercutting all of their efforts by taking away our most basic necessity. Shelter.

It’s hard to even comprehend the kind of math the city council members opposing this measure had to go through to arrive at “no”.

This was a defeat for veterans in Florida. And it was handed to us by those who are supposed to be helping us.

The Seminole City Council should be ashamed of themselves.

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