Open Letter to Seminole City Council after they rejected affordable housing for veterans

The following is an open letter to the Seminole City Council after they rejected Valor Preserve. A badly needed complex that would have provided housing to disabled veterans in Pinellas County (story HERE).


Mayor Leslie Waters
Councilor Thom Barnhorn
Councilor Chris Burke
Councilor Roger Edelman
Councilor Trish Springer

Dear Mayor/Councilor

This open letter is intended to voice both my shock and my sadness at your vote opposing Valor Preserve, an affordable housing project that would have housed veterans and the disabled if allowed to go forward. Instead, your rejection of this badly needed location is a step backwards for all veterans in the region.

What makes this unfortunate event even worse is that we subscribed to the fallacies of veterans housing. Our bravest men and women, who fought to preserve your freedom, would not have brought crime and drugs to your community. This is an insult of the highest kind to be issued on a day when the rest of the country was remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I am urging you to find a way to make this project work. Seminole is not an anti-veteran community. You cannot pretend to support us in November during a high profile holiday and then deprive us of shelter in December. Let’s do the right thing here.

Very Respectfully,

Frank Torres
U.S Army Veteran (1997-2005)

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