Greedy development and real estate industry has ended “Age of Opportunity” in Orlando

Growing up in Orlando back in the day, the region truly was a “land of opportunity”. There was a point of entry for anyone that was willing to work hard and be a good neighbor. My small family was able to find an opportunity and it resulted in a rewarding experience being raised here.

Unfortunately, those days are now gone.

If you’re moving to Orlando, you’d already better be earning a lot of money. And you’d better be prepared to overpay for a house or a rent payment.

You can blame the Orlando Development and Real Estate industry for that.

They’ve paid off the politicians and have exploited the fertile market to run up the costs on families.

We now have working families overpaying up to 25% for homes. And if you’re a renter, it’s even worse, with monthly costs skyrocketing every chance property management companies get to make more money.

Developers and real estate professionals scream “More inventory!”. But with no ordinances or regulations to enforce fair prices for consumers, it just allows them an opening to do more damage to our community.

It is a tragic turn of events for my hometown.

This post is being written in the middle of December. Christmas is less than two weeks away. And there are families being thrown out on the street.

That’s not the Orlando I remember. And never did I dream it would come to this when I was younger.

There are no easy solutions. The jobs don’t pay enough. Our elected officials aren’t doing anything besides a couple of dozen units here and there for a photo opportunity.

And it’s the families that came here in the same spirit that mine did decades ago who are losing.

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