Succession: Did Kendall die? And don’t blame Logan for “Red Wedding” ending

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the season 3 finale of Succession

Let me save you some time. Kendall is alive. But not well. His incident in the pool isn’t spelled out but Comfry found him and got help. Keep reading for more

Last night’s excellent season 3 finale of Succession had a lot of people feeling different feelings last night.

What was I thinking?

“Heck, you can’t blame Logan after that.”

Three out of his four kids tried to stage a coup, and failed miserably. Just like they have in almost every aspect of the business that he’s trusted them with up to this point.

Kendall is a drug addict/alcoholic, who had a close call in a swimming pool. No, Kendall does not die. But his actions got a young man killed.

Roman is sending pictures of his junk to co workers. He’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Shiv is tougher. I adore Shiv. But she has failed to show that she has the killer instinct to take care of business.

Why should you trust your life’s work in the hands of your three kids, who have demonstrated only that they’re good at attacking each other?

Logan isn’t faultless here. In fact, it’s all his fault.

After all, the entire premise of this series builds on the fact that he is a lousy dad. And we’ve learned that kids also had a lousy mom, who would have rather had dogs instead of children.

But this is about business.

Let’s not forget. This is an HBO show. The stakes aren’t that high. There is an “Entourage” feel here. None of these kids will ever have to worry about money like you and I do. They’ll be fine. We’re talking about billions here. Cousin Greg might be royalty soon.

Which is why you have to take a step back and look at what’s going on.

And that is three spoiled and unqualified children rushing for a throne they don’t deserve.

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