Orlando developers are trying to sue their way past your elected officials

A terrible trend has flared up again in recent months here in the Orlando area. One that looks to push past our votes, and past our vision, for what our community should look like moving into the future.

This trend is developers suing our elected officials when they don’t get their way. Like spoiled children that have never been told “no” a day in their lives.

This is how it works.

1) Developers come to your county commission or city council with an unreasonable plan (I mean most of them are bad, but this time really bad).
2) Your elected leaders. People you put into office. Realize this is bad for the community and vote this project down.
3) In a public hearing, developers threaten your public officials with legal action. And if they don’t fold. They sue.

Forget your wishes. Forget what’s best for your kids. Forget what your elected leaders want. Developers in Orlando are trying to push past all of that.

And make no mistake. These plans have to be especially bad. A lot of elected leaders in these parts don’t often meet an irresponsible growth proposal they don’t like. These plans are often bad for the environment. Bad for traffic. Bad for school overcrowding.

Developers also have unlimited money. They’ll burn as much in attorney fees as they have to in order to create their warped vision of an Orlando that is so slammed and crammed, that everyone’s quality of life suffers.

This means, there will be budget shortfalls because we have to spend money in court, and your taxes will go up.

It’s real. It’s happening. And the fault lies with developers exploiting our community.

These developers don’t care about anyone but their bottom line. That includes you.

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