The Matrix Resurrections: We have to manage our expectations

It was one of the most pleasant surprises in all of my movie-going experiences. I still remember seeing it in the theater back in 1999 and watching Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus win over a full theater of fans and have us cheering in our seats all the way until the very end.

We couldn’t wait for the sequels. And well… they were bad. The story got way too convoluted and what at first was a groundbreaking way of delivering action, quickly became a glorified Superman fight.

And now, here we are decades later from the first film and just a few days before Matrix Resurrections in what is the final greatly anticipated film of the year.

What are you expecting? Me? I’m not so sure.

I’ve been watching Keeanu Reeves for most of my life and I’ve also been a fan of Carrie Anne Moss. They’ve earned a viewing from me.

The film is also going to be premiering on HBO Max during the Christmas holiday, when we’re all at home and looking for something to do.

Really, the previews look fine, but if the story goes to far down the rabbit hole too quickly then it’s once again going to lose the charm of the first film.

I’ll be ready for anything. And you should be too.

It could be the relaunch of a franchise that could go on for years to come.

Or it could be another confusing, CGI-fest that has been reduced to nothing but an expensive light show.

If it turns out to be the latter, at least we’ll always have that wonderful first film.

Which pill will it be?

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