Travis Hunter steal from Seminoles by Deion Sanders is insult to injury for embattled program

Oh my friends, go and hug your Florida State Seminoles fans today. They need it.

They were on the wrong end of the biggest recruiting steal in history as one of their most storied football alumnist, Prime Time himself, Deion Sanders swiped star prospect, Travis Hunter from Tallahassee to Jackson State.

Watching this unravel online was remarkable. I say this with no particular like or dislike for the Noles, but it was one of the worst things that could happen to their program at this part of the calendar.

It was embarrassing. It was disheartening. And it was a really bad look for their recruiting which will ensure this stings for anywhere in the near future.

And it was another pitfall for coach Mike Norvell, who already had heads shaking when he signed a 1 year extension on the heels of a 5-7 finish this season. This is another loss for him and fans don’t have a clue what to look forward to next season.

We also have to talk about Sanders, who made a statement today that says given the right circumstances, anything can happen in college football recruiting.

Let’s get back to Tally. The Seminoles are arguably the most bearish major college football program in the state right now. We’ve got new coaches in Gainesville and Miami. UCF will be playing the Gators in the Gasparilla Bowl later this month. There is renewed hope for those fans.

Where are the Florida State Seminoles? We’re not sure.

As always there is one thing that can fix everything. That is winning. There is time for Norvell to turn this around.

If he can’t this is a key point in time we’ll be discussing for years to come.

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