Florida is indeed in a housing state of emergency, especially here in Orlando

A group of state lawmakers are asking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to declare a housing state of emergency (story HERE).

He should. The political math is there. Stable housing means happy constituents for everyone. Homelessness doesn’t care what party you belong to. It doesn’t care who you voted for during the last election. It can determine who you vote for in the next election.

And Florida, and especially Orlando, is indeed in a housing state of emergency. Here we are days away from Christmas and we have people losing their homes.

Developers and the Real Estate industry here in Central Florida have exploited the market into the ground. We’re not a community for the hard worker anymore. We’re a community for vulture investors to come in and buy everything in sight, and then feed off of whoever is stuck here.

While it’s bad here in Orlando. It’s bad in all of the region. It’s even spreading out to more rural areas like Polk and Lake counties.

“Build, build, build” real estate and developers will say. What they won’t say is that we’re making it too expensive for everyone. And sprawling it out so that it’s not like by anyone. Who are we trying to please here? Developers and real estate are even more powerful here locally. They sue like spoiled children when they don’t get their way (story HERE). But it’s time to act.

We are in a housing state of emergency. We were there a year ago. It’s time to start helping people.

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