LYNX should be free if Orange County passes transportation tax

It’s double-dipping from a community that is currently experiencing a housing crisis.

Local officials want to raise the sales tax in Orange County to take care of transportation needs such as buses, roads, and other projects. And they want us to keep paying to use these inadequate services that have been making us late to work for years.

Meanwhile, they refuse to touch pots of money set aside for tourism giants. We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars for the theme parks that don’t need it, and only pad the ridiculous salaries of tourism agency CEOs. The industry knows this and say it will be tourists that pay the majority of these taxes. That makes no sense and of course the tourism people are going to say. Local officials also won’t collect more revenue from developers who are responsible for putting us in this crisis to begin with (story HERE).

These tourism execs and developers are telling our leaders “Take more from struggling families. But not mine. Not our money.”

And our local leaders are believing this all the way to the bank, as they cash the checks for their campaign contributions.

This leaves us in a terrible situation going into 2022 when many of us are struggling just to make ends meet.

We can’t even pay the rent. Now they want us to pay more to get to our underpaying jobs? That’s not fair.

They need to give the people something. Eliminating fares while diversifying tourism tax revenue will ensure that money is getting to where it needs to go. To the families that fuel the Orlando economy.

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