WWE Smackdown: Roman and Sasha soar, “Happy Talk” is depressing

Another Friday Night Smackdown in the books, and more of what has worked in the past worked again tonight. While more that has been bad in the last few weeks has continued to be really bad again this time out.

Sasha Banks is still a shining star in this broadcast. That tag match to kick off the night was great. I also enjoyed Charlotte, Toni Storm, and Shotzi Blackheart. I honestly thought Sasha would turn on Toni and give us a triple threat scenario. It will happen eventually happen but not tonight. And that Spiderman tribute from Sasha was great (by the way, read my review of that movie HERE).

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman have been gold for over a year now, and it might have been the end tonight. Goodness, Paul has brought Roman a long way. That ovation he got during that last segment was terrific. Lumberback Brock Lesnar was also good. I’m enjoying his arc. The show started and ended on a strong note tonight and that’s important.

Everything else was kind of junk.

What are we doing with Happy Corbin? This sword in the desk spot with Madcap Moss and Drew McEntire is a waste of all three athletes. This was just rotten from beginning to end, and it really demonstrates how out of touch this creative team is. They have to do better.

Everything else was status quo. Whether that’s a good thing is up to you. The crowd in Chicago was strong. That always makes for a positive on a Friday night broadcast.

RAW has been in the dumps the last few weeks. I’m glad there were some high points on Smackdown this week.

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