Spiderman: No Way Home biggest audience cheers ranked (Spoilers)


Spiderman: No Way Home, is best enjoyed in a crowded theater. It’s the most “fan activated” film since Avengers: Endgame with a story that is designed to make us cheer. To make us laugh out loud. To make us gasp.

It’s wonderful. These are why we love movie theaters. There are certain experiences that are enjoyed in a crowd.

Let’s talk about those moments that got the loudest responses from my screening. This was my screening. Orlando may respond different than New York or Los Angeles. But these are great scenes in a sold out showing.

1) Andrew Garfield Spiderman appears: When that portal opened up and we saw another Spiderman, the noise started, but when he actually jumped through the portal and unmasked, it was the loudest pop of my screening. And one of the biggest in my MCU experience. Tobey Maguire got a big cheer, but we knew he was coming and it wasn’t as loud.

2) “I’m something of a scientist myself”: This meme renactment by Willem Dafoe was the loudest laugh of the movie. He delivered it perfectly and the scene was moving so quickly that it couldn’t be telegraphed.

3) Holland, Garfield, Maguire unite at the Statue of Liberty: It was something we weren’t sure we would ever see but when our heroes swung around preparing for that last battle my screening loved every moment.

4) Maguire Spiderman gets stabbed by Green Goblin: The air left the room. And we weren’t sure he was going to make it. It was a gut punch. But it made the experience stronger.

5) Doctor Octopus appears: No Way Home takes it time and when we finally got to our first “Boss Battle” and we saw Alfred Molina, the movie really kicked off and it never looked back.

*Honorable mention “With great power”: Losing Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) was the opposite of a pop. It was silent but powerful. And the “With great power comes great responsibility” line coming from her, the silence still radiated energy from everyone in that theater.

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