Jacksonville Jaguars have no choice but to tank and use high draft pick to lure new coach

Hey, no NFL team will ever tell you they want to tank. It’s bad for every aspect of a football operation and team morale.

But the Jacksonville Jaguars are at rock bottom. Urban Meyer is gone. They’ve got a young quarterback in Trevor Lawrence, who should really just take the rest of the season off instead of risking injury.

We knew it would be a rebuild, but we didn’t know it would be another day 1 rebuild and that’s basically where we at.

Which means the team will probably start angling for another early draft pick.

They need a culture change. They need a coach that is going to be better prepared for the NFL growing pains than Urban Meyer was. We don’t know what that person looks like yet.

But a #1 draft pick on top of Trevor Lawrence will certainly make the medicine go down smoother.

And it looks like the Jags are probably the most serious about getting that pick. The Lions and Jets have coaches that are fighting for their lives. They will try to win some games to present some body of work that they deserve to stick around.

The Jaguars don’t have to deal with that.

And of course, you have to ask a fan base that is already one of the most understanding in football, to be even more patient while the club figures this all out. Every home game is already decorated in the opposing teams colors.

It’s going to hurt. But it needs to be done.

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