Many Orlando residents won’t be able to afford new I4 express lanes

It appears that construction on the Ultimate I4 project, which has dominated the main traffic artery of our lives for years is slowly coming to a conclusion. Among those aspects of completion are the new “Lexus” or express lanes on I4.

Unfortunately, these lexus lanes won’t be within reach for many Orlando residents. And believe me, we certainly aren’t driving the luxury cars they’re named after.

The truth is that these lanes are arriving during an affordable housing crisis here in Orlando. Families are being exploited by property management companies with rent increases totaling hundreds of dollars. This in an economy where wages are still low. And there is no relief coming for this crisis. In fact, it’s going to get worse as developers keep getting their overpriced mixed use monstrosities approved by our elected officials.

And it appears everything else is going up as well. Food. Utilities. Fuel. Even the very cars we’re driving on I4 are becoming more expensive. It’s a wonder why transportation officials are still trying to fish more money from Florida residents.

They’re also not pay per plate and that’s not being advertised. There will be cars jumping on those lanes and getting fined.

The Lexus lanes aren’t a complete waste. I4 is one of the worst roads in the country. We joke and call it “I-forty five minutes late” because there aren’t any other options. OBT and 17-92 have also been slammed and crammed into traffic oblivion. Those express lanes may save a few jobs but that’s only because we’ve messed up the rest of the grid so bad.

But make no mistake. Many Orlando residents won’t use those lanes. They’re too busy fighting for survival against being priced out of their homes.

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